Alford Town FC is committed to adhering to the following policies:
































Under 14’s


“The Beautiful Game the Alford Town Way”


FA Respect Code of Conduct”


FA Full Respect Policy”


“Alford Town FC Safeguarding Children Policy (Youth Teams)”


“Alford Town FC Safeguarding Children Policy (Open Age Teams)”


“Alford Town FC Equality Policy”


“Alford Town FC Anti-discrimination & Equal Opportunities Policy”


“FA Anti-Bullying Policy”


“ Alford Town FC Health & Safety Policy”




“Alford Town Football Club - Data Protection Policy”


“Alford Town Football Club - Privacy Notice - GDPR”


“Alford Town — Club Constitution”


Alford Town — Club Rules”


“Alford Town - Junior Behaviour Policy”


“Alford Town - Transferring Between Teams Policy”


“Alford Town - Fees Policy”